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From credit cards to mortgages, it's easy to build up significant debt. And if you start falling behind on payments, penalties can add up and make it impossible to recover. You aren't out of luck when your debt becomes too much to handle. Call on Murphy Law Offices PLLC to get help with your debt problems. Our bankruptcy attorney in Missoula, MT will review your situation and explain options to reduce, restructure or eliminate your debt.

Are you a creditor trying to collect on debts? We represent both debtors and creditors and will help you defend your rights. Contact our local bankruptcy attorney at 406-728-2671 to schedule a free consultation.

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Learn about different options for reducing or eliminating your debt.

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Liquidate your assets to eliminate debt and create a fresh start.

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Restructure debt into manageable payments so you can keep your assets.

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You'll feel more at ease when you turn to Murphy Law Offices. Our bankruptcy attorney has over 40 years of experience and can help you through different types of bankruptcy. If you're ready to file for bankruptcy, we can help. Choose us when you need a...

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney to help you eliminate as much of your debt as possible so you can create a fresh start
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney to help you keep your business open while you take care of your debt
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to help you renegotiate and reorganize your debt so you can pay it off at your own pace

See how bankruptcy applies to your situation when you call our local bankruptcy attorney today.

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