Reorganize Your Debt Into Affordable Payments

We'll help you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Missoula, MT

Many people refuse to consider bankruptcy because they don't want to give up their belongings. But you can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy to get relief from debt without sacrificing your most important possessions.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help you reorganize your debt into smaller, long-term payments that are easier to manage. You'll be able to pay off your debt at your own pace instead of liquidating your assets. Murphy Law Offices PLLC in Missoula, MT can help you get through the process if you're ready to reorganize your debt. Our chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will explain everything and walk you through each step.

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The advantages of chapter 13 bankruptcy

Not sure if you should file for chapter 13 bankruptcy? Consider the benefits it has over other debt solution options:

  • You can stop foreclosure proceedings and stay in your house
  • You can reduce, eliminate or reorganize your debt to make your payments easier
  • You can end wage garnishments and move forward with less stress
Create a plan that works for you by calling our chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney today.